Hotels in Dublin to enjoy the Irish spring

21 May Hotels in Dublin to enjoy the Irish spring

CSpring in Ireland is a rainny season but warmer than other moments. Ireland is a contrast country, where you can enjoy many different leisure offers related with nature, culture or even history.

5 accommodations in Dublin to enjoy the Irish capital

1, Ballsbridge: with four stars, this place is a high leven option that can be found in an affordable price. Located in D4 District, very near the city center, it owns very big rooms with private bathroom, the best breakfast in its Ragland Restaurant and many additional services such like private parking. It is really near the Guinness factory.

2, Temple Bar Inn: this modest two stars hotel is really good located in Fleet Street. The Temple Bar suburb is one of the most lively in Dublin. With terrace, tv rooms, tea machines and many other extras, this could be your best option. The popular O’Connell Street is in its proximities.

3, O’Shea’s Merchant: located in Bridge Street this is a perfect accommodation for those who don’t think the rooms are the place they will spend the most of the time. Located just 10 minutes far from the Temple Bar, every room is different. You will find many additional services like wifi or even Irish dance clases. The Old James distillery and the Guinness Factory are not far from here.

4, Adelphi Guesthouse: we are now going to talk about guesthouses to make you a different proposal attending to low cost prices. This Guesthouse is in Lower Gardiner Street, in Disctrict nr. 1. You will be really near the Aras bus station. It is also near the Trinity College or the Temple Bar.

5, Clifden House: this three stars hotel is perfect for a romantic getaway. Carefully decored, it is situated in the city center, near the most emblematic places of Dublin. It is a bed&breakfast with its own kitchen, so it is also perfect for a family trip.