How to economize in a trip to Europe

09 May How to economize in a trip to Europe

Low cost -  TravelgenioA trip to Europe could be really expensive because of the accomodation, transport and many other factors.

Here we are going to give you some tips and clues to make this trip cheaper taking into account that this means a lot of time of documentation before the adventure.

Time to plan

If visitors spend some time in planning the trip, it could become cheaper. Offers in advance are significative in any destination so it could be a good recommendation to make a study on the saves in tickets, restaurants, transports and specially in booking.

Transport between cities and countries

The cheapest transport in Europe is the bus.

Low cost airlines are the best option to travel between countries and they will be a good option if visitors cannot waste their time although tourist may loose the wonderful sights of the continental land.

By train there are also interesting options such as the interrail, with low prices.


There are some tips to take into account if you want to find a cheap acommodation.

Find out hotels with good conections with public transport will decrease the budget.

Other option is to book rooms where you share bathroom or, if you travel with your family, to rent an apartment if you are going to stay at least a week.

Food budget

There are many restaurants and cafe in every city where you can eat a good dish for a low price, but you may have to investigate before your arrival. Another option is to buy directly the food in a supermarket.

Urban transporte

Although in many cities the transports are not cheap, we recommend you to travel by underway or bus. Many capitals have a travel pass that economize the trip. You can also rent a bike as mainly all the European capitals have a bike lane.

Hiring tours and excursions in advance

Some touristic activities are free. For example, there are many museums and natural places where visitors don’t have to pay.

There are also places where you can buy the ticket in advance and you may have the possibility of resign the guide.

Tourist can buy the museum tickets by the internet as they sometimes have some type of discount in general visits.

If you need an exchange

If you are traveling to some of the European countries that don’t use the euro, we recommend you to make the exchange in the airport, where they don’t charge any tax.

You may also get informed of the possibilities of your credit cards and if they charge you any aditional tax if you use them.


Some holidays like Christmas or popular cultural events like Oktoberfest in Germany are not the best dates for saving money in the trip.

The best way to save is to travel out of season.