How to fly cheaper with traditional airlines

20 Feb How to fly cheaper with traditional airlines

aerolineas-ryanair-travelgenioTraditional airlines can survive because of their low-cost subsidiaries and some charter flights. They also profit from long –haul flights, as there is no equivalent low-cost for long-haul flights. But, are traditional airlines so expensive as not to have them in mind for domestic and European flights?
When to fly with traditional airlines

Air Europa or Iberia witnessed the fall of Spanair. How long will they resist? Ryanair has no competition on price. We tell you why: When you fly with a low-cost airline, there are no additional costs.

Less comfort and less room in the seats, optional travel insurance, restrictive baggage policies, overcrowding and poor customer care are, theoretically, highlight characteristics. Does all this cost 70 per cent less in the flight ticket? YES!

When travelling with a traditional airline it doesn’t matter if checked baggage weights a little more of the maximum and 20 kilograms of luggage is allowed. This can have a cost of 70 euros in Ryanair, as 20 kilograms of luggage costs 20 euros, and it could cost 50 euros if the traveler takes the luggage himself.

Low-cost airlines are ideal if you want to travel at the best price. But if you want to travel with all the features of a complete flight choose traditional airlines.

How to save in the traditional airlines tickets?

Scales: Transfer is the secret of the experienced traveler who doesn’t want to be deprived of enjoying traditional airlines. Searchers and travel agencies usually offer these options to travelers since it is known that there are great savings.

More than two months in advance: This is an “old” advice since rates are still much cheaper if tickets are acquired well in advanced with traditional airlines.

Flexible on dates: It is one of the bastions to save.

To go on adventure: Traditional airlines are really useful for international journeys and they can be cheap if you know how to take advantage of offers.

Mileage programs: This is interesting for people who travel between two cities quite often because there are free flights accumulating points for flying with the same airline.

There are many reasons for not choosing traditional airlines, but sometimes it is advisable to fly with them because customer attention is highly satisfactory, in special if the journey is longer than three hours, or when we travel with a lot of luggage.