Incredible road trip: the Ring Road Route in Island

25 Sep Incredible road trip: the Ring Road Route in Island

aerolineas-vueling-travelgenioAlthough we love Island during summer, autumn is also a perfect season to enjoy one of its principal attractions: the Ring Road Route. We are talking about the main road of the island.

What are you going to see in the Ring Road Route

The Route 1 or Ring Road is perfect for traveling if you are going to spend a week or more in the island. If you have planned more than a week in Island, we also recommend you to discover the Kjölur Route.
When we talk about the Ring Road Route, we are talking about 1400 km, so you must plan about 6 days to enjoy everything or even a few more days if you also want to visit some places inside the route.

Some of the cities you must visit are Rejkiavik, where you will start the route and where you will find the most urban sightseeing of the country. From here, cities like Hvalfjördur, Borgarnes, Bifröst or Hvammstangi will welcome us. You may also want to visit some others like Snaefellsnes, Hófsos, Glaumbaer, Blönduós, Öxnadalur, Godafoss, Akureyri, Mývatn, Detifoss, Eglisstadir, Mývatn, Ásbyrgi, Egilsstadir, Askja, Hengyfoss, East Fiords, the Golden Ring or the Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon: this is a must once in Island. The Geothermic Central of Svatsengi is the responsible of the health properties of this artificial lagoon. You should pay the 23 euros to enjoy it.

East Fiords: here you would be able to discover the Hallormsstaδaskógur or the Hengifoss Falls.

The Golden Circle: far from the Ring Road, with many kilometers apart from the mail route, you will find this marvellous place. Here you will discover the Heckla volcano, the Hvítá river and also, if you have time enough, you can also get to the Vestman Islands.

The Nothern Lights

Although you can see them from Rejkiavik – it is in autumn when you will be able to see them in the better way – you can also win an unforgettable memory if you choose to see them in the Blue Lagoon.

Low cost flights to Rejkiavik

From the main cities in Europe you can reach Rejkiavik by flying with Vueling or Easyjet, or even making a stop in London – Standsted.