John Lennon’s Wall. Take a look to the Prague wall history

26 Jul John Lennon’s Wall. Take a look to the Prague wall history

If you have already visited the historical city center and also Novo Mesto, you have to continue walking until you find the John Lennon Wall. We are now going to explain you some more things about it and you will be able to understand its past. The truth is that this wall is one of the most visited attractions in the Czech capital among other monuments that will leave you speechless.

The Prague Wall or the John Lennon one

The history behind this wall has a lot to do with some reivindications as, until the 80´s it was a normal wall but since then it started as a symbol of the protest and the youth angry because of the many political changes that were happening.

As a result of this entire context, the wall was named as John Lennon because of the pacifist character that he discovered together with Yoko Ono. The students that fought against police were called lennonists.

Nowadays you can find it in the Velkoprevorske Namesti Square. Located really near the French Embassy it is also situated in the Malá Strana area, so you can continue the route finding out many other things you should visit in the city.

Malá Strana, more than just the Lennon Wall

It can be translated as the little village and, although is where the Lennon Wall can be discovered, you can also find other important heritage here such as the Prague Castle, the Petrin Observation Tower or the St. Nicholas Church.

The Prague Castle is, of course, the main attraction here as it is one of the most stunning monuments in the city. It was built during the 11th Century. As a medieval Castle all its history has to do with the Czech Republic fortress process. Take into account that this was home for the Bohemian Kings.

Inside the Castle you will be able to find many historical valuable buildings although we recommend you to visit the St. Vito Cathedral, the ancient Royal Palace, the Black and Daliborka Towers, the Basilica and the St. George’s Convent. But don’t forget the Golden Alley.

If you want to visit the Prague Castle you can do it from November to March from 6 to 23 hours. Monuments can be visited between 9 and 16 hours. If you prefer spring and summer, you can visit it from April to October from 5 am to 00 am.