Jordan, a perfect trip for this autumn

26 Oct Jordan, a perfect trip for this autumn

Jordan has became one of those trendy destinations for all type of travellers thanks to the cinema and also because all the conflicts have finished giving tourist once more the chance to discover this wonderful country. One of the main reasons to travel to Jordan has to do with the nature and the Martian landscapes, as well, of course, of the main reason: the religious buildings.

Together with many nearby countries, this trip can be unique during this season.

Jordan from Abu Dhabi

Each day we can see more travellers arriving to this country after visiting the Arab Emirates. The truth is that you can find really affordable flights that connect both destinations and also, the contrast between the luxury and the ancient sites show them a different point of view to understand this historical country.

Of course, we cannot talk about Petra and Jordan without mentioning the Indiana Jones films. The truth is that the access to this World Heritage is not easy as you have to walk through a defile, but once you pass it, the views are incredible. The building, caved in the stones, is an unforgettable view. You will understand why this, together with the Roman city located near is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Castles in the Desert and Amman

Once in Jordan you cannot just visit Petra but also many other rare and beautiful spots. The Desert castles are unique and located really near Amman. Palaces, castles, fortress and many other Omeya buildings are still there to show tourist the past of this country, the most historical highlights they witness. Among others, we recommend you to visit the Qasr Jharana and Qusair Amra.

Of course, Amman is a must once in Jordan. First of all because mainly all the flights arrive to its airport and because it owns some treasures you cannot miss once you arrive to this land. The Archaeological Museum and the Umeyyadov Palace are just an example of what we talk about. Also, let the savours make you fall in love with its gastronomy.