Long haul flights with kids

08 Jan Long haul flights with kids

Playmobil - TravelgenioThere are many security mesurements that have to be followed both by adults and kids. All parents that travel with babies must have all the information before getting to the airport.

The airport security officers have to screen everyone, regardless of age (even babies), before they can go through the security checkpoint.

They will not ask you to do anything that will separate you from your child or children. This is something you must know before getting to the checkpoint.

Some information about the security mesurements with kids

1. All carry-on baggage, including children’s bags and items, must go through the X-ray machine. Examples include: diaper bags, blankets, and toys.

2. All child-related equipment that will fit through the X-ray machine must go through the X-ray machine. Examples include: strollers, umbrella-strollers, baby carriers, car and booster seats, backpacks, and baby slings.

3. When you arrive at the checkpoint, collapse or fold your child-related equipment. Secure items that are in the pockets, baskets, or attached to the equipment and place it on the X-ray belt for inspection. Plastic bins are provided to deposit such items.

4. If any of your child-related equipment does not fit through the X-ray machine, security officers will visually and physically inspect it.

5. Ask a Security Officer for help gathering your bags and child-related equipment, if you need it.

6. If your child can walk without your assistance, we recommend that you and your child walk through the metal detector separately. If you are carrying your child through the metal detector and the alarm sounds, the Security Officer will have to additionally screen both you and your child.

7. Remove babies and children from their strollers or infant carriers so that the Security Officers can screen them individually.

8. You may not pass the child to another person behind you or in front of you during this process.

9. Do not pass your child to the Security Officer to hold.

10. The Security Officer may ask for your help screening your child.