Low cost accommodations in Stockholm

31 Jul Low cost accommodations in Stockholm

estocolmo-travelgenioStockholm is considered expensive, but it has a great affluence of travelers.  It is also one of the most attractive cities respecting the contemporary art, cradle of art nouveau. This Nordic city is an example of sustainability. It also has good sea gastronomy, as Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki.

Low cost hostels low in Stockholm

The hostel Bistro&Bo is an accommodation with rooms from 45 euros per night. Capsule rooms? Yes! It is a modern hotel where the space is reduced with a quaint appearance. It is ideal for travelers who want originality and saving in their travels. The bathroom is shared in the hostel, but each capsule room is double or individual.
It is located 5 minutes walking from the Globen Station, so it is an interesting accommodation for couples, because it is difficult to find these prices for double rooms. It started in 2013 and it has very good characteristics linked to enjoy low cost hostels in Stockholm, as well as those advantages of having a room with a view to the Globen zone.

A hotel than you cannot miss

The rates for double rooms with shared bathroom are less than thirty euros per night. Connect Hotel Skavsta is one of the cheapest hotels. It is besides the airport. What is the advantage? It is a good innovated accommodation, with a magnificent decoration and modern and functional rooms. Rent a car for having the best of this hotel in Stockholm. It is ideal for those people who are traveling for just one or two nights. This accommodation is perfect for getaways, because displacements from the airport in Skavsta are not required, as it is at a distance of 75 meters. There is public transport from the airport.

The best way of displacement from the airport is by bus, with rates of 17 euros.  If the travel is done in a weekend, the transport rate is around 60 euros, and the journey is around 90 minutes. It has a full timetable the whole day. Respecting the train, it has to be combined with the bus – lines 515, 715, so it is not so economic.
A low cost budget for traveling to Stockholm for two days is around 40-50 euros by plane, plus 60 euros in buses and 60 euros more in the accommodation. If you want a total low cost, forget about having lunch out and have cold meals or go to the supermarket.