Low cost airlines win in punctuality to traditional airlines

19 Jun Low cost airlines win in punctuality to traditional airlines

aerolineas-ryanair-travelgenioIt has been observed from years ago. Low cost airline companies are punctual, to the point that their punctuality has become has become a reference. In fact, low cost subsidiaries are acquiring greater importance than their traditional predecessors. Nevertheless there are also some surprises in the punctuality ranking among the traditional ones.

Ryanair loses the crown of the punctual low cost  

The O´Leary’s Company had been leader in the timetable management. But nowadays there are other airline companies like Vueling Airlines that are acquiring a great relevance among travelers, to the point that they are becoming a reference, as well as Easyjet in recent times.
Wizzair is located in a discreet background, for short delays of 15-20 minutes.
However, there is evidence that low cost airline companies are more punctual. This is also demonstrated in other parameters, such as those that link the punctuality with the economic parameters of flights.

Would you like punctuality in flights with traditional airline companies?

If you are used to travel with traditional Airlines, then choose Lufthansa because more than the 93% of the flights are punctual. Air Europa goes after with the 92% in the punctuality register, and then KLM, Austrian Airlines and Air Berlin. Alitalia is one of the best proposals with a German punctuality.

The subsidiaries of traditional Airlines are more punctual. These airlines companies are not low cost but their rates are significantly lower than those of the parent companies, and they have the confidence of travelers.

Iberia Express is a remarkable company with the 96,16% of possibilities of punctuality in arrival. Lufthansa Citiline has a punctuality rate of the 95,55%  and KLM Cityhopper has the 94,88% . Eurolot gives a rate of 94,88% and Air One City Liner the 94,16%. These statistics show the prevalence of a model that favors efficiency and the profits of the company due to the possibility of marking new airlines fly cruises.