Low cost destinations for young travelers

26 Sep Low cost destinations for young travelers

Check-in - TravelgenioThe European Continent is one of the most touristic ones in the world, thanks to the huge cultural offer, the climate, its history and heritage and many other things that make the Old Continent a reference place for travelers.

Anyway, not all the European countries are economically accessible so, we are now going to talk about the ones for low budgets, for young travelers.

Low cost tourism in the Eastern Europe

This countries are well known because of their popular prices and because they are destinations with huge leisure possibilities.

The Baltic Countries, Bulgary, Romania, Hungary, Polland or Turkey are some of these cheap countries, that have been reinforced because some low cost airlines operate flights from the main European cities.

These countries own a cultural and historical offer and also some leisure plans. They are perfect destinations for trying their gastronomy and also to visit their museums.

Croatia seems a very nice destination for summer beause of its climate, sights, landscapes and a fine offer for sun and beach in its islands.

Polland is a good place for cultural tourism, where history is alive in every single street of the main capitals. Bulgary, Romania and Hungary have an architectural and artistic patrimony with popular prices for accomodation, food and night leisure for young travelers.

Some accesible and economical destinations

The main low cost airlines that operate in the European countries have connections with all these touristic destinations. Airlines like Ryanair or Easyjet have complemented also their offer for destinations like Turkey or Croacia.

The connections with flights or train are really interesting to visit some unknown areas that are a good alternative for these typical destinations.

If we talk about accomodation and food, the low prices are a must in these countries but, apart from this, we recommend you to get informed before traveling to have some idea of the hotel, hostals or accomodation you want to choose and some other rates to decrease the budget.

If you want the names of some cities with low prices, take note: Budapest, Varsaw, Sofia, Zagreb, Zadar, Vilna or Split are getting more and more known because of all the wonderful things they offer.