Low cost getaway to Tangier

01 Aug Low cost getaway to Tangier

Casablanca, Morocco - TravelgenioNowadays it is possible to travel in a cheap and perfect way if you want to make a getaway to a near destination to visit interesting places with a low budget.

Moroccan cities are a very good alternative for those who want to know wonderful places at low prices.

Tangier, in the Mediterranean shores, is one of this options. It offers visitors a cultural and leisure offer for some days in this north Moroccan city.

It is a marvellous touristic destination in the north of Africa, which muslim culture is discovered by thousands of visitors that are looking for an exceptional weather and multiple attractions.

Touristic attractions for low cost travelers

Prices in Tangier are a must for low cost budgets. The food and the accomodation, with good hotels with the best service, breakfast included, are cheap.

There are some offers like the Atlas Almohades Tanger Hotel with a perfect situation in the city and, for young visitors, maybe they can try the Hotel Chellah.

Tangier has some touristic wonders that must be visited by those who choose this city for a getaway.

Beggining with the beaches, where having a bath and enjoying sun surrounded by the Mediterranean typical white architecture is possible, followed by walks and restaurants where you can taste the Moroccan gastronomy.

If you go to Tangier you cannot miss a visit to one of its several tea shops. Café Hafa can be perfect to have a tea with the best bay sights.

The cultural offer is also very huge. You may visit the mosques or the Cathedral, sign of the Spanish past conquers.

One of the most spectacular places to visit is the Medina, a pintoresc place where you can contemplate and experiment all the city life and where you can buy all the souvenirs for good prices.

The Tangerian souks are magical places where you can find and buy all type of species and moroccan typical food.

Museums like the Arts Morocco, situated inside the Dar El Makhzen Palace, are also an interested visit for those who want to understand the artistic culture of this people.

Talking about natural wonders, we cannot forget the Cuevas de Hércules where, according to legend, this mythical creature rested after his 12 works.

The viewpoints are the best alternative to rest when the sun goes down, watching the bay and the calm Mediterranean waters.

To get to Tangier the best option is to take a low cost Ryanair flight to the International Tangier Ibn Batouta Airport, situated just 11 km from the citycenter and where you can take a bus to get to it.