Low cost tourism: Camping in the Cies Islands

17 Jul Low cost tourism: Camping in the Cies Islands

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioThe trend of camping is rising next summer. There are much more to offer to travelers so that they have the best opportunities in their travels and the most interesting things to enjoy during their holiday in the Cies Islands.

The camping in the Cíes Islands is an alternative for next summer.

Travelers can enjoy the islands in this camping. Hotels and other accommodations are out of the Park of the Cies Islands because it is a protected environment. That is why the camping is offering an alternative that allows “living” inside the camping that has a social living room, renting of shops, toilets, monitoring service, restaurant and many activities.

There are also many routes, like the Monte Faro, Faro da Porta, Alto del Príncipe and Monteagudo routes. There are many beaches in the Cíes, like Figueiras, Cantareira, Mixueiro and Rodas, among others.
Travelers are surprised by The Cíes Islands, because they are a marvelous Paradise, part of the natural park of the same name, as well as the Reserve.

Rates go between the 4 and 10 euros depending on the high or low seasons. It is also possible to find offers like sleeping in a reserved camping tent.  It is a wonderful way of getting to know a part of Galicia, different from other getaways.

Hotels near the Cíes Islands

It is interesting to accommodate in Vigo to visit the Cíes Islands. There are several hotels, from four-star hotels like Sercotel, to the one-star hotel Carabela la Pinta, which is a hostel located 11,5 kilometers from the Cíes Islands.

How to get to the Cies Islands

It is easy to travel among the Galician capitals. Travelers can count on high-speed rail- ALVIA- in A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela, Vigo and Pontevedra. Once in Vigo or Pontevedra, there are buses in the train station with destination to the Cíes Islands