Meet Turku, Finland’s College City

09 Oct Meet Turku, Finland’s College City

viajes - upitravelFinland is a country unknown to many travelers, because Norway and Sweden have been more publicized. Finland remains an enigma to many visitors who see this country as an extension of Sweden. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Seesights in Turku

Turku is a cultural city with an unique charm. So much so that it is regarded as one of the most charming cities that one can come to find. Among the main attractions there are there some that we should highlight;

The Old Town: Very different from the rest of Europe, Turku is a trading and modern city. You will find history just by having a walk in the old town.

Recycled Buildings: In Turku is easy to see recycled buildings everywhere. These are magnificent constructions which are designed mainly for us to find the maximum benefits on them, always with countless benefits among which will be worth noting all that are linked to fulfill all of our needs.

Vepsa Island: A delight for the rural housing lovers. Its wooden houses and bungalows are the direct mute witness to a kind of construction that is ideal for all users.

Saint Michel Church: This is one of those churches that will be very attractive and with it we will be able to outline each and every one of the interesting features to consider.

Market Square: The nerve center of the city and a great place to shop for fish.

Turku’s Low Cost Guide

Perhaps one of the worst issues that the traveler has to face is related to the fact that Turku is a city that does not correspond to the low cost model, in other words, it is quite expensive. So it’s worth visiting the see sights and everything that for small or simple it might seem it can be done for free:

The Turku Cathedral is the first low cost option. It is completely free for travelers and is worth the stop to admire this thirteenth-century cathedral who is the witness to what the city once was. Living the Aura river is not only visiting the Aura river but it is to sit and contemplate it while eating some of the delicacies of the land. What do you think about a slice of rye bread with cheese and salmon from the land? You’ll love it. Visiting some museums is also free as is the library.

Getting to Turku

Turku has an airport with some connections to other European countries and Helsinki among other Finnish regions. We recommend, however, that you travel on a flight to Helsinki and that you opt for car rental or a domestic flight from this city, because it is the best way to find cheap travel, especially thanks to the fact that Ryanair has flights to Helsinki and this is ideal in all possible cases.