Minsk, the Slavic world

11 Sep Minsk, the Slavic world

Check-in - TravelgenioAlthough Belarus is not one of the typical destinations, it has a lot to offer for those who decide to travel there. We are now going to detail you some of the tips you need to arrive to this city, to improve your trip and many other things that will help you with the planning.

What to see and what to do in Minsk

This city has one of the most controverted histories of the Slavic countries. One of the main attractions is the Niasviz Castle. The Victory Square or the Karl Marx Street are a must because they are some of the most typical touristic places of the city. The National History Museum is also a great meeting point with the city.

Minsk is the perfect city to make a three or four days getaway. You will be able to see many things without spending more time. In Eastern Europe is very typical to go to the Opera or the Belarus Ballet, because tickets are really cheap and the quality of the spectacles is very high.

If you visit the Virgin Mary Cathedral, you will be visiting one of the most beautiful churches in this part of Europe.

Where to sleep

We recommend you to choose an apartment. For example, the SutkiMinsk Apartment has 24 hours reception, with room and kitchen.

How to get there

There are some airlines that offer combined flights. We are talking, for example, about Austrian Airlines, Finnair, Lufthansa, Aeroflot, Air France or Czech Airlines.

One of the options, if you cannot find a direct flight from your city, is to travel to Bucharest and, then, to Minsk.