Montenegro: Autumn international destination

05 Dec Montenegro: Autumn international destination

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioMontenegro is one of the most peculiar European destinations that currently exist, because although its territory uses the euro is not within the European Union and it is a picturesque land of contrasts between the beautiful beaches of the coast and the orthodox architectural heritage of the Balkan country with a lot to offer.

It  begins with one of the most potent destination, the nearby city of Dubrovnik, a few miles from the Montenegrin border, and other cities like Belgrade or Podgorica.

Recreation, culture, beaches, nature, traditions, history and good food is what you will find in autumn in this beautiful part of the former Yugoslavia, perfect for a couple’s getaway with unbeatable prices.

Touristic attractions in Montenegro

Its capital, Podgorica, is the perfect city for discovering one of the most picturesque countries of the old continent. After crossing one of the most beautiful areas of the country, the North with its lush mountains, you get to the capital, the smallest of the Balkan republics.

This colorful city, mixing rural type houses of ancient Soviet era urbanism and many parks, has a lively entertainment both day and night with a young atmosphere that is concentrated near the Millennium Bridge.

Some must-see places, apart from its nightlife in its many pubs, are the Cathedral of the Resurrection and the Municipal Museum, with a perfect example of Ottoman and Balkan cultures that passed in this part of Europe .

But it is in the ancient Turkish part of the capital where you will find the greatest beauty, with the most important monuments of the capital, in an old seventeenth-century Ottoman origin, narrow streets, towers and spectacular corners on a typical layout with old stone houses.

In the north of the capital is located one of the holy places of Montenegro, also a must-see, Ostrogh Monastery, dated 17th  century and built by the Orthodox Serbs. And a little further north one of the most extraordinary scenery in the country with the Piva River, between two huge stone walls, where it is hidden his monastery.

After this visit and towards the coast you come to Kotor, whose scenic
value for its unique natural fjord in southern Europe has named it as a World Heritage Site.

Other must-see places in Montenegro are its palaces and forts, as the grand Cathedral of St. Tryphon  or the of Hezeg Novi. The coast is another attraction, with corners like Budva, sun and sea, and Sveti Stefan.

How to get to Montenegro and accomodation

The best way to get there is to fly to the Podgorica International Airport, taking a cheap flight in one of the low cost airlines that depart from the major cities of Europe.

As for accommodation, Montenegro has a great network of hotels of any kind and with a completely affordable price for all types of travelers, with good service and quality and situated in the historical centers of the cities, either in the capital Podgorica, and in coastal areas as Budva, with fantastic resorts all inclusive for a very affordable price.