Natural parks in Amazonas for adventurers

23 May Natural parks in Amazonas for adventurers

Adventurers - TravelgenioAll nature and adventure lovers will find in the Colombian Amazon Rainforest one of the biggest nature reserves in the world.

A real paradise to enjoy where you can find multiple Natural Parks engaged in conserving the varied fauna and flora.

This world part still conserves the historical memories of the ancient Spanish expeditions through its rainforest.

NP La Playa

This marvellous Natural Park is situated in Putomayo. It has more than 400.000 hectares.

Here you can find hundred of species, about 1500 diferent exotic birds and two million clasificated insects.

It is one of the biggest biodiversity area if we talk about fauna. Visitors can browse any of its many ponds and lakes watching the various aquatic mammals or river insects and also having the opportunity to see species like the anaconda, the black alligator, the tiger butterfly and the osprey. Its rivers, the Putumayo, the Sencella, the Caucayá and the Caquetá will show tourist the beauty of this rainforest.

NP Amaracayu

About 60 km from Leticia, this park of about 300.000 hectares has four big plataforms where visitors can watch about 500 diferent type of exotic birds and one of the most natural attractions, the Amazon pink dolphin.

It also has a hostel for visitors, Yawaé, with capability for 50 pax and where you can sleep and eat.

The park also owns an Etnographic museum and a documentation center.

NP Cahuinari

Inside Puerto Santander jurisdiction, this park has the most famous rivers in Colombia: Pamá, Caquetá and Cahuinarí.

It is also a rich reserve where are bred exotic species such as the piranha, the anaconda or the jaguar.

These lands are inhabited by the Borá Miraña indigenous. You can find acommodation in cities like La Pedrera and Aracuara.

NP Chiribiquete

This park is situated inside the Amazon rainforest and in the middle of Caquetá and Guaviare.

This part is known as Escudo de la Guayana and offers visitors Precambrian rocks formations that contrast in an amazing way with its plains and mountains.

NP Pinaway

Here inhabit more than 180 different type of mammals as exotic as deer, tapirs, anteaters palm bears, armadillos and porcupines and a variety of reptiles such as turtles Terecay, bighead and black caimans.

NP Nukak

Is one of the most important indians reserves of the world with about 2000 indians inhabiting this wonderful lands. Visitors could visit their villages and learn their ways of collecting or hunting.

Tips for visiting the Amazon Colombian Natural Parks

They recommend visitors to get vaccinated against tetanus and yellow fever about 10 days before the arrival.

It is also important to carry a first aid kit.

You may wear cotton clothes and a hat as well as bathclothes, long sleeve t-shirts, boats, raincoats, towels, insect repellent, batteries, light, sun protection or garbage bags.