NY for beginners

25 Jun NY for beginners

Nueva York - Trucos y Consejos - TravelgenioIf you have travelled to NY, nothing here will surprise you. In case this will be your first time, you must understand some thing before arriving to the 10 million inhabitants. We want you to enjoy all its soul so, please take note of all this 10 tips:

10 tips when traveling to NY for the first time

1, Take the subway: while many other american cities don’t have this possibility, NY has very good train and bus connections. Taxis are not expensive for the newyorkers, but if you are traveling from abroad, you will find them not as cheap as you think.

2, Visit the most famous parts and more: don’t visit just the Fifth Avenue, Greenwich Village and the rest of Manhattan. New York is much more than just that. You don’t need a guided travel. NY is more or less as any important city. You just have to open your eyes. Many other suburbs like Staten Island and the marvellous Brooklyn or Queens must also be visited.

3, If you don’t want to seem like a tourist, take photos in another way: you don’t have to take the same photos as anyone. If you want to slip by, just sit in a bench or get out from all the people.

4, You have to pay from the airport: if you want to travel low cost, forget about the possibility of taking a taxi. For about 15 euros you can pick a minibus that will take you to Manhattan.

5. Choose your accommodation: the intermediate option in East Village. If you choose Manhattan, prices will be really expensive. Anyway, you can also travel from Jersey and you will have really good connections and very low cost prices.

6, Long hauls in New York: we are talking about a very big city and, although it has a very good public transports, you can spend hours to get to some places.

7, Unless you stay in NY a year, forget about visiting everything. You can try to see the basics, but don’t even think about visiting all the NY monuments as it is impossible. There are many things to be visited.

8. You can see for free the Statue of Liberty. If you go by boat to Staten Island you will be able to see it. You can save just by making this more or less 60$ if you travel with guide so, if you go to NY you can visit this places without making a big disbursement.

9, Make a list with the movie scenaries you want to visit. You don’t have to waste money to visit most of them as you can discover them just by walking through its streets.

10, Enjoy NY! It is considered a non sleep city so you will be able to enjoy all its charming places during all day.