Padova, the Veneto beyond Venice

20 Jun Padova, the Veneto beyond Venice

Venecia - TravelgenioThe little Padova town is a perfect place to visit after Venice to forget about that agglomeration of people in there.

The calm of its squares and streets are like paradise for those who want to know a Veneto town with the charm of the non turistical cities.

The university Padova is one of the best destinations for a romantic Italian weekend.

Tourist attractions in Padova

The Piazza of Erbe is a magical place in the center of the town and where you can find the social life.

Situated only 40km away from Venice and 80km from Verona, you can arrive to Padova.

Nature, history and architecture are combined in Padova. It has many villages surrounding it as Mira or Dolo.

The beautiful Palazzo del Bo concentrates the artist and cultural soul of the city. Padova also has some hidden treasures as the Basílica de San Antonio, gothic style and with barroc elements. Another important church is the Capel of Scrovegni, with Giotto fresh.

How to get to Padova and accomodations

To get to Padova the best option is to flight to the International Airport Marco Polo of Venice or to the airports of Valerio Catullo (Verona) and Treviso. Then you should get a train or a bus.

There are many hotels with good prices and quality. For example, for families or groups the Hotel Albergo Verdi or the Sagittario ones, both with 3 stars are perfect. If you want 4 or 5 stars hotels, the Majestic Toscanelli is perfect for a romantic weekend.

If you are looking for something cheaper, you can choose the bed and breakfast or the hostels.