Passengers rights in a low cost flight

21 Mar Passengers rights in a low cost flight

Travelgenio - Cheap FlightsIt is important to know the guarantees we must ask for and the duties passengers have on board.

The airlines’ good working summed to the need of a civic conduct of passengers get a safe flight.

Apart from these basics, there are some rights that passengers must know.

Passenger rights in the Spanish territory

In case of strike: in this case, passengers have the right to sue the airline. To formalize it, a form must be filled and sent to the Ministry of Infrastructure. The rest of rights are still the same as for delay or cancellation.

In case of overbooking: this means that the airline has sold more seats that the ones it has, so thera are leftover passengers. Firstly, the company will ask for volunteers that in exchange for benefits, free their seats. In case of not finding enought volunteers, they must meliorate from 300 to 600€ depending on the flight mileage.

In case of cancellation: in this case airlines will give two options: relocate passengers in other flight or pay back the cancelled. If passengers have to spend the night in the airport for the next service, airline will bear the cost of the stay or wait.

In case of delay: it is considered delay more than 2 hours of wait. Passengers should be informed and they must have the option of the pay back in case of more than 5 hours wait.

In case of lost luggage: this is a non clear issue. There are many opinions and a legal hole. It is supposed that once luggage is checked in, the company is responsible. But there is no information about the compensation, so companies only pay for the essential articles. Don’t forget that’s why many credit card companies offer indemnity in case the flight was paid with them.