Prague: culture and leisure in Europe

18 Nov Prague: culture and leisure in Europe

praga-travelgenioThe capital of the Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful cities of old Europe and one of the capitals with more cultural offerings, from a range of leisure and accommodation at very affordable price to an incredible artistic, historical and architectural heritage.

The number of places that the city concentrates are one of the most iconic cultural events in Europe, with a vast literary history that has Kafka as its trademark.

The architecture that has been harmonizing through the centuries from the Middle Ages to its stunning golden age in the seventeenth century, and an offer in different artistic billboards, performing arts and other shows , make this destination one of the best choices for a fall trip, when the city is shown in red and ocher colors with a thousand needles touching the sky .

Cultural and leisure attractions in Prague

One of the powerful claims of Prague is its architecture heritage, its history and the artistic legacy. There is nothing better to walk through it streets to know this destination.

The antique capital of the Bohemian Kingdom shows its legacy to every visitor, with jewels like the Malá Strana or Staré Mesto suburbs, where you will find many valuable buildings with different artistic and historical styles, such as the Palaces. The old city shows gothic buildings from the medieval and Reinassance St. Vito Cathedral to the Star Palace and the Minute House. During the 17th and 18th centuries were built some other jewels like the Clam Gallas Palace.

But one of the most touristic attractions of the city is the Prague Castle, dated 9th century, with St. Vito and the Golden and Alchemy alley, where Kafka lived.

The Malá Strana suburb is full of palaces, churches and squares from the Imperial age, like the Charles Bridge, one of the most known landscapes of the city, that crosses the Moldava from the old city to this suburb.

Surrounding the Town Hall Square, you will find some of the most famous buildings of Prague such as the Tyn gothic church, the old Town Hall with the tower of the ancient Astronomic Clock of Orloj.

You will find many leisure activities in its squares and streets, where you will also have the choice to get to many restaurants and terraces where you can taste the typical beer and some theatre spectacles for really affordable prices for all type of publics.