Pregnacy and flying

14 Feb Pregnacy and flying

Finnair - TravelgenioThere is no law that forbids pregnant women travel at least till the 27th week. Almost all companies accept this situation if they present a medical certification saying that both, mum and foetus, woudn’t take any risk.

Anyway, companies have their own policy so it is recommended firstly to ask about it to the doctor and secondly with the travel agency, like Travelgenio.

Flight recommendations

Lay down on the left side: this is because the aorta will be pressed instead the large vein, where real pressure is contained.

Comfortable clothes: it is recommended to use clothes and thights not really tight because in long journeys this may difficult the circulation. If the weather is good, maybe large huge dresses are the best option.

More space: this is an interesting point that is not always taken into account when a low cost flight is reserved. It is recommended to pay a little more and have front seats without passengers ahead.

Two seats: this depends on economy and luck. In low cost flights it will be difficult to find free seats during the journey but, as they are cheaper, it will be a good deal to take two seats to travel comfortly.

Take a walk: the crew won’t put any problem and pregnant women will feel better if they move their muscles during the flight.

Hydration: during a journey the dehydration levels increase so it is a must to drink.

Additional recommendations

Almost all experts agree that there are no risks on travelling if the pregnant women are healthy but, if they are not, it could be lethal.

If there is a possibility of an early birth it is recommended not to fly during the last two months as it can represent a risky birth.