Reasons for traveling to Kosice

05 Sep Reasons for traveling to Kosice

Viajar en Tren - TravelgenioThis Slovakian city has been appointed throughout this year as European Capital of Culture.

The accommodation and the cultural heritage of the city of Kosice are just two good reasons to visit a city that begins to have a huge role in Central Europe travel guides.

Because of its beauty, its great services, their leisure, their traditions and their cultural program for this year, is the perfect destination to visit both families and couples, with friends or just alone.

Kosice has an unbeatable offer on all tourist services, infrastructures of the first order, so you should take a look and decide to spend a few days in one of the most charming European capitals.

Tourist attractions in Kosice

The historical, architectural and cultural treasures, gastronomy, leisure, traditional and modern music, are some of the claims of one of the less known cities but one of the most beautiful capitals of the emerging Slovakia.

The European culture lovers will find during this 2013 sublime classical music concerts played by Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra and the Czech Philharmonic and other prestigious international ensembles as Gewanhausorchester of Leipzig, the Birmingan Symphony Orchestra and Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra, performing works of classical composers and famous pieces such as Carl Orff Carmina Buraa at the State Theater.

In its spectacular medieval town, full of amazing architectural and artistic heritage, develops a dynamic life and cosmopolitan neighborhoods like Hrnčiarska, a core formed in the XIV century that nowadays is the bohemian neighborhood of artists.

The streets are fully with cultural activities,  like book fairs, workshops for children and an intense cultural activity in workshops and sculpture art centers, furniture restoration, herbalists, jewelers or excellent bakeries.

Nearby, at the Technical University, the smaller and older will love the Tape Kosice, a plant-based cellophane tubes where visitors can slip.

Nature lovers will find in the city corners of enormous interest and natural beauty, as Jasovská caves, protected by UNESCO, just at 25 kilometers from the city center.