Recommendations for a long-distance journey

10 Feb Recommendations for a long-distance journey

Cheap Flights - TravelgenioA journey of more than 6 hours could be a torture as low cost flights don’t have any entertainment. But if it’s understood as utile time, this hours could be usen for those postponed task.

It is also a great time to spend with friends and family or only for relaxation. Travelgenio wants to suggest some tips for your flight amusement.

-Board games: if the flight is long-distance you may take some long games like Risk or Trivial. You can carry them inside your handbag.

-Ipod: it seems to be a great solution for those who travel alone. Apart from music, some podcasts could be downloaded and you can learn even a language during the journey.

-Exams and delayed work: sometimes having some lost hours could be a good solution for concentratin on those late works, exams or even to write a travel diary.

Medical tips and contraindications in long distance flights

Not everyone can get on board of a long distance flight. It is specially contraindicated for people over 60 years old that had previosly suffered thrombosis or respiratory failures or pregnant women oveer 36 weeks.


It is recommended to drink a lot (avoiding alcoholics and caffeine), have some walks throug the aisle and making some exercises to move muscles.

It is also indicated to rest as much as possible.