Recreation In The UK: Activities To Enjoy

21 Dec Recreation In The UK: Activities To Enjoy

Cotswolds - TravelgenioThe UK is one of the places in the world where you can truly enjoy yourself any way you choose to. You can visit big cities and open country, watch shows or go hiking, see popular tourist attractions or go out and get a feel for the modern culture. Those are all vague ideas of course, but they’re all possible in the UK. But as is true in any travel destination that offers such a wide variety of opportunities, there are always a few events and attractions that stand above the rest.

Particularly where recreation is concerned, there are a lot of specific ways to enjoy yourself in the UK that go well beyond museum and monument tourism or anything of the like. These activities exemplify that fact.

Canoeing Windermere

Windermere is the largest lake in the UK, and situated in the incredibly gorgeous Lakes District in the northwest of England. The lake is surrounded by mountains and forests, and it hosts a number of different boathouses and establishments that allow travelers to take out a variety of different boats. But you have the most flexibility in a canoe and can navigate the waters to your heart’s content, enjoying the natural beauty around you and even stopping at some of the islands for lunch. According to a description at Go Lakes, Windermere was also a “water based highway” even when the Roman Empire controlled ancient Britain, which adds an appealing element of history to this activity.

Attending The Robin Hood Festival

Speaking of history, there are few countries with a past as storied (and, to be fair, mythologized) as the UK. It’s easy to become fascinated by the medieval history of the UK, and the adventurous tales of knights and castles that linger from that time period. At the Robin Hood Festival in Nottinghamshire, some of that history comes to life through numerous reenactments and an atmosphere carefully designed to resemble medieval England. It’s a great activity for anyone to enjoy, but is particularly fun for family travel.

Cheering On A Premier League Club

The Premier League is the most famous soccer league on the planet, and there are a few games each year that draw particular attention. For instance, the “Manchester Derby” matches between Man City and Man United are major events, and it’s always big when Chelsea plays Arsenal, or Liverpool faces any of the above. But the truth is, attending any Premier League game can expose you to a wonderful level of fan enthusiasm and athletic talent. Even over the Christmas holiday, the sports section at Betfair points to specific intrigue in a number of matches, such as a West Brom vs. Bournemouth contest that’s sure to be high-scoring, and a Leicester City match in which the team could add to its surprising lead. There’s an ever-present drama in this league, and each match is a treat.

Cycling Hadrian’s Wall

Getting back to the theme of enjoying the UK’s history, there’s nothing quite like Hadrian’s Wall anywhere else in the country. Sure there are even older monuments, such as Stonehenge, but the idea that a Roman emperor built a wall across the north of England to keep out barbarian invaders seems more like something out of a storybook than real life. That the wall still stands, at least in part with ruins of various forts dotted along its length, is even more remarkable. It’s a long wall, so the best way many tourists find to enjoy it is to make an adventure out of it and rent a bicycle. It’s a wonderful option for more active travelers and makes for an unforgettable experience. Oh, and one more thing: Hadrian’s Wall was the first inspiration for Game Of Thrones!

Floating Over The Cotswolds

Another breathtaking activity that will show you a beautiful region of the UK in a very unique way is taking a hot air balloon tour over the Cotswolds. This area is known for its rustic beauty, enhanced by several appealing little villages and endless expanses of fields, hills, and forests. It’s become a popular area for ballooning, whether just as a weekend activity or on a special occasion (with some services even offering champagne in the balloons).

The more traditional tourism options in the UK are certainly worth seeing and enjoying, but activities like these make for a more unique and unforgettable experience.