Rent apartments in europe, a good alternative

13 Jun Rent apartments in europe, a good alternative

Londres - TravelgenioWhen you are planning a travel, first of all you need to know where to go and where are you going to sleep.

Depending on the place you choose, it is convenient to take into account hotels, hostels, country houses, etc.

If you are going to travel to the coast or to some big capitals such as Madrid, Berlin, Barcelona, London or Paris, you can rent an apartment. It is the best option if you are going to stay more than a week as you will save some money.

You can find them through your travel agency or the internet.

Rent an apartment in the Old Continent

It will be cheaper and perfect for friends and families as you can share costs. It will be easy to find these apartments for a price of 20-23€ each night so, as said, it can be the best option for groups.

Another reason has to do with privacy, without needing to ask for services or sharing breakfast with unknown people.

You can also save money cooking there, which is a good point for people travelling with kids.

These accomodations are well equiped and may have all type of  comforts. If you are lucky, you may find one with terrace, a marvellous option if your destination is a coast village.

In Spain, renting apartments is a popular option for turists.

If you are going to travel to Paris or London, you will find the apartment rental the best option because of the expensive prices in their hotels, but you must have to make the reservation soon as they are really coveted.