Ryanair promises low cost for long distance flights

24 Apr Ryanair promises low cost for long distance flights

aerolineas-ryanair-travelgenioIt is not a secret that Michael O´Leary is trying that Ryanair becomes the empire of low cost.

Now we are all surprised with the international long-haul flights that aim to join 14 European cities with New York. This way Ryanair promises low cost flights of more of 10.000 kilometers, an ideal proposal for all kind of travelers.

Europe – United States from 15 euros

Not many people could imagine that this could be possible. But the news is that Michael O´Leary has said before the Irish Hotel Federation that he is looking for a fleet for new long-haul flights.

The negotiations for aircrafts and permits could extend five years. Travelers will be able to travel to New York and other 12 or 14 U.S. airports from Europe from 7, 50 euros. Michael O´Leary has assured to representatives of the British and Irish Press that if Ryanair has already managed to earn money with flights in Europe from 99 cents, why would not happen the same with long distance passages?

The strategy of Ryanair was always centered on two paradigms

Charged extra for almost everything, and travelers spend between 10 and 20 euros on board in Ryanair flights.

And charge 20-30 euros per baggage, 8 to 14 daily full flights are made.

The number of passengers and punctuality make sense to Ryanair when flying. Although Ryanair doesn’t earn much in each flight, the large number of flights absolutely full make of this Airlines Company a reference.

“Passengers will pay extras for everything”

Michael O´Leary is not a philanthropist and he aims to propose output low prices that will be increased as passengers’ comfort is increased. When a trip is more than ten hours long, two meals are made, additional baggage is taken, and among other things, it is common to ask for drinks.

Also, many passengers are looking for some comfort in business class.

Michael O´Leary has recognized that he promises low cost flights, but he also expects that many passengers choose business class, cheaper than in the traditional Airlines companies and with the same good services.
Up to now Ryanair policies have been aimed to achieve a perfect balance between quality and price. What’s the next that the wizard of low cost travel has prepared?