Sensual holidays: An extraordinary travel experience for couples and adults

19 Nov Sensual holidays: An extraordinary travel experience for couples and adults

Hoteles de Lujo - TravelgenioIf you like adventure and experience within your holidays, you can approach this on a completely different way. There are spontaneous travellers who like to discover things on-site, and just let things go. However, if you like it more relaxed and arranged, you can also make sensual holidays with your partner, or even on your own. There are numerous hotels and resorts which are specialised on adult clients and who wants to offer you a holiday experience, which is different from others.

Activities, which can be done in the respective hotels, resorts or clubs are mostly varying substantially. In addition, the location is also an important factor in regard to the selection of a holiday destination. Whether you are looking for contact to other couples or persons, or to enjoy the sparkling erotic ambience for yourself, is your decision.

It is up to your fantasy where your next sensual trip will be and who will accompany you. We want to present you some of the worldwide top addresses, as far a special sensual vacation is concerned.

Couples Tower Island – Jamaica: The 5 Stars resort is everything but not disreputable or shabby. Thanks to an exclusive ambience, you can here spend a wonderful time with your partner. The resort is exclusively for couples. Hence, persons travelling alone will have to search for another location. There is a nudist beach directly situated at the hotel. You will also get respective leisure activities during the stay.

Milkersdorf Castle – Germany: Officially you cannot stay overnight in the castle, however, you can definitely have fun with the partner and acquaintance. In the old and elegant castle you will find of the most noble swinger clubs in Germany. You will have to ask for a dress code and topic prior to a booking. Here you can find regularly special events and theme parties in regard to this hot topic. Guests can officially stay overnight in the close Congress Hotel Lindner. There is a shuttle service for all guests.

DR Nights Resort- Dominican Republic: Both single men and couples will yet receive a foretaste on the upcoming days when arriving. Two charming ladies will welcome the guest or guests with a Cadillac, and you will be chauffeured to the resort in proper style. Having arrived there, you can decide by your own and decide for two to five accompanists during the trip, depending from the booked package. There are arranged leisure activities, and you can also play golf. If you have the respective circle of friends and the respective small change, you can directly fly by a private jet directly from New York to Puerto Rico. Unfortunately we could not find out if on flight there are already service-oriented stewardesses on board, however, should be feasible for a package price of $100,000 for 5 days inclusive flight and all inclusive.