Short Trip to 3 European Countries In One Week

05 Mar Short Trip to 3 European Countries In One Week

Check-in - TravelgenioIf we travel within Europe nowadays, we as travellers can look forward to a near perfect national and international route, which makes travelling pleasant and fun. In this article we’re going to the trijunction of the Lake Constance region. Here we can find three countries bordering.

These are Austra, Switzerland and Germany. The whole region is developed perfectly for tourists. Possible freetime activities and the cultural opportunities in all three countries are fabulous. No matter if you’re alone, with your partner or wih the whole family and friends. The region offers many family-friendly enterprises with according attractons. On our

Day 1  Kißlegg: The town at the Upper Swabian Baroque Route is embedded in a landscapes of lakes that is perfectly developed for tourists with its cycleways and hiking trails. There is a bathing beach at the Obersee (Upper Lake), which is open 24/7 during summer. There’s also space for RVs. Decide for one of the gorgeous hiking trails in Ravensburg land or visit the historic district and the castle while touring around. Every year in January the extraordinary balloonist meeting takes place in the evening.

Day 2:  Constance and Lindau : The biggest city near Lake Constance borders directly to Switzerland. The city is historically valuable and shows a long and colorful history. Already in 2nd century before Christ there were first settlements of which you can find rests even nowadays in the city. The trip goes on to beautiful Lindau. Parts of Lindau’s historic district are situated on an island. Not far from it there is the flower island Mainau which draws in thousands of visitors every year.
After adoring the magnificent gardens, you should take a boat trip across Lake Constance to Überlingen. Here you can enjoy the atmosphere while strolling across the lovely waterside promenade.

Day 3: St. Gall: its creation traces back to the foundation of the monastery by the itinerant monk Gallus around 612 and it is the gate to Appenzellerland. You can meet its great past while strolling through the enchanting historic district step by step. The city is interesting for tourists because of the abbey church and the abbey library which are part of UNESCO World Heritage. It’s also not far from here to the Rhine Falls of Schaffhausen, which is the biggest waterfall in Europe.

Day 4: We first visit Bregenz, the capital of the region Vorarlberg. Bregenz is known throughout the regions especially for the festivals taking place every year on the lake stage. The city is home to one of the most meaningful Austrian Lake Constance harbors and is both sports and cultural center. In Bregenz there is a special sight for travellers. The most narrow house in Europe is in Church Street. Make sure not to walk past it without seeing it. The festivals taking place annually on the largest lake stage in the world are special and spectacular. Visitors from all over the world head to this event every year.

Day 5: On our last day we’ll take a river cruise and get to Lake Constance for that once again. There are daily ferries from the harbor of Bregenz to Constance over Lindau, Wasserburg, Nonnenhorn, Kressbronn, Langenargen, Friedrichshafen, Immenstadt, Hagnau, Meersburg and Mainau Island on which you can relax wonderfully and enjoy the region in its full magnificence.