Ten advices for a cheap accommodation in Spain

03 Apr Ten advices for a cheap accommodation in Spain

Flights to Madrid - TravelgenioThere are no magic formulas to find cheap hotels when traveling in Spain, but there are some useful advices that can help. Some advices depend on the tourist, while others are determined by the place you are traveling or the time of the year.

Recommendations for cheap accommodation in Spain

1. Choose April and the first fortnight of May: If you are looking for the best price these are the best dates, especially if traveling in unmarked days. There are many holidays during these months, such as Easter. It is advisable to purchase tickets in advance to find attractive rates. Low cost travelers prefer the months of March and April, because the it is not too cold and traveling is not so expensive as in Christmas or summer.

2. Avoid weekends: This is one of the basic teachings that every traveler should know. It is maybe the most important, together with the previous one. If you intend to find good rates, avoid weekends.

3. Book the hotel well in advance in high season: If you have no choice but to travel in high season and you want good prices, book your hotel up to three months in advance, or even more, if you know the dates.

4. Perform search from an online agency: Nowadays internet is one of the keys to find cheap accommodations. The traditional travel agencies are now a help to seekers and online agencies. Consulting agencies online makes possible to trace more offers, due to their collaborations with the hotels.

5. Travel with friends or with the family: Why traveling in groups from four to ten people? The answer is easy: There are many rural houses and apartments with fantastic prices, much better than if traveling alone. Rural houses for groups of friends allow huge savings, as prices are no higher than 20 euros per night.

6.  If you travel alone, contact other singles to save in double rooms in hotels:  This tendency appears in cruises for the first time, and it is spreading through the use of social networks.

7. Give preference to central accommodations in the city: Accommodations in the outskirts may be cheaper but you will spend the savings in transportation to the city and time. Unless you are a lover of hiking, we recommend you a hotel or hostel in the city.

8. Look for the deals on the net: This tendency is spreading through the social networks.

It is not difficult to find luxury hotels with very good rates whenever some characteristics are followed, such as traveling during the week and in the periods set by the hotel or the travel agency.

9. Book the hotel for several days: It is a fact that to book the hotel for a week or more time is a way of saving. There are more possibilities of getting discounts.

10.  Choose rural areas to save in the accommodation: Rural tourism has spread among travelers of all economic profiles in the last years. Its attractions include relax and activities in the Nature.