The best Means of Transportation to explore a City

19 Mar The best Means of Transportation to explore a City

BWhen we travel and explore a new city, there are many possibilities to select a means of transportation and ways to get around a city. The selection differs depending on the city and your personal preferences. There are cities like Berlin or Amsterdam, which are crisscrossed by rivers, where a boat cruise will get you exceptional views of the city. Cities such as Madrid and Medellin offer the alternative to get to know the city from above. Cable railways in these cities provide a unique view of the city scenery. In this article we want to show you the various deals and transport possibilities as well as their pros and cons. Which mode of transportation is your favorite?

Tourist bus: The tour bus has now been integrated in the city image of almost all the major cities of this world, and they are impossible to imagine them without. In London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Mexico City and Buenos Aires the tourist buses usually have several routes and one has the opportunity to get to know different parts of the city on one bus trip. The buses stop at distinctive and important points along the route.

Advantage: One gets relatively quickly and comfortably to different parts of a city and gets to see the main squares and sights.

Disadvantage: The routes are fixed and the tickets, depending on the city and country, are relatively expensive.

Bicycle: Dependent on the city and the country, bikes offer an excellent way to discover a city independently and on your own. However, you should pay attention to the local conditions and circumstances. In Madrid and Mexico City it may be to dangerous to ride a bike. There simply is no cyclist culture. In Berlin and Amsterdam, on the other side, there is hardly a better and more comfortable way to get to know the city and its special hidden treasures.

Advantage: Cheap and absolutely flexible

Disadvantage: You need to rent a bike and rides can pose a risk for the biker under certain circumstances.

Tip: Learn in advance about the situation in the city and make sure you always were the appropriate safety gear.

Taxi: Many towns and cities have cab services, cheap enough to take a taxi without having a predetermined destination. This can be fun, since most taxi drivers know their city perfectly and often make a good tourist guide. But ask before you begin the ride, if the driver is willing to negotiate a price. Some cities of the world offer private chauffeur services, which can be used temporarily by wealthy customers. It costs a little more than a taxi, but there is more luxury and comfort.

Advantage: Taxi drivers have insider knowledge and often you learn more in an half-hour taxi ride than a half-day tourist tour. You are more flexible and determine the route yourself.

Downside: Depending on the city you might get stuck in a traffic jam and the costs vary depending on where you are. The fun can be quite expensive in cities like New York or Zurich.