The best road trips in this year 2014

12 Jun The best road trips in this year 2014

Ruta 66 - TravelgenioThe road trips are cultural, interesting and cheap. There are some places in the United States where it is normal to consider them as initiation journeys. Children learn about their country.

And these journeys are trips to remember for children and parents. This trend to consider journeys as an experience is reflected in the cinema. So we review some of the hints made in the American cinema to road trips.

10 travel film bases on the biggest road trips of history

1. On the Road: The novel by Jack Kerouac is great. And it has become a film. The trip to New York going through Chicago, Newton (Iowa), Cheyenne (Wyoming), Salt Lake (Utah), San Francisco y Los Angeles (California), Sal hart (Texas), Indianapolis (Indiana) and Harrisburg (Pennsylvania) is inspired in the novel; and  the one between North California and Nueva York, as well as different trips to Indiana.

2. Easy Ryder: It is probably the best road movie of the history, and one of the beloved by bikers all around the world.  The route followed by Denis Hooper and Jack Nicholson is one of the most exciting from New Orleans to Los Angeles, going through Krotz Spring, Lake Charles, Austin, Abilese, Yellow, Farmington and Needles.

3. Little Miss Sunshine: From the city of Albuquerque to Los Angeles, the family Hoover lives an adventure in their crumpled van. The movie was a hit in the Sundance festival and this road movie is probably the most representative movie in the 2000.

4. Duel: Steven Spielberg recreated a hell, and he made it on a route that goes from New York to Los Angeles.

5. Paris, Texas: Travelers go from Paris, a small town in Texas to Houston. This French-German film, besides being a hit in festivals as Cannes, is one of the road movies of the 80.

6. Nebraska: We find “Nebraska” in the decade 2010 -2019. It tells the story of an old man who involves his son in a crazy trip to collect a prize – fraud of 1000000$-. The route starts in Billings, a town in Yellowstown (Montana). The objective is Lincoln, Nebraska.

7. Motorcycle Diaries: The Ché Guevara runs 14.000 kilometers in good company. The main sites depart from Buenos Aires and go through Miramar, Villa Gesell, San Martín de los Andes, Lago Frías, Patagonia, Lautaro, Temuco, Los Angeles, Valparaíso, Atacama (desert), Cuicamata, Cuzco, Machu Picchu. Then, San Pablo, Leticia, and finally, Caracas.

8. Bonnie and Clyde: The actual places they go through are Kaufman, Texas, Michigan, Joplin, Missouri, Plate City, Missouri, Dexter, Iowa, Houston, Grapevine,Texas, Commerce, Oklahoma, Bienville Parish, Luisina.

9. Towards wild routes: The tragic adventure of this young man starts in Atlanta after his graduation. He goes through the states of California, Oregon and South Dakota as far as Alaska, where he dies in his “magic bus”.

10. Thelma & Louise: This is the road movie of women par excellence. It tells the story of Thelma & Louise’s travel. The two friends go through the states of Texas, New México and Arizona. The tragic denouement takes place in the Grand Canyon.