The Castle Route in Badajoz

09 Jan The Castle Route in Badajoz

Check-in - TravelgenioOne of the most beautiful lands in Spain is located at the south of Badajoz, in Extremadura.

It has hidden treasures to be enjoyed in family, with friends, with your couple or even alone, like the route of the castles. This route shows natural landscapes with a unique legacy attached to the Spanish Arab heritage and to the Temple Order and Santiago Cavaliers, so it is a cultural route of surprising beauty and nature, full of history, traditions, landscapes and, of course, good gastronomy.

Tentudia and Southwest Sierra route

These two regions are located at the south of Badajoz and contain a great deal of historic and architectonic treasures, with an impressive array of religious and defensive buildings dating from the Middle Ages, between the XII and the XV centuries.

The route is perfect for a weekend escape, reserving a room in some of the charming hotels or rural houses in Tentudia and the Southwest Sierra.

The Montemolín Castle is a good place to start the route. It is an Arab construction inherited by the Santiago Order in the XIII Century.

Nearby is the site of Castillejos, of the pre-Roman era, in the direction to Calera in León, where the Convent of Santiago Order is located, and near there is the Tentudia Monastery with a wonderful view to Pico Tentudia.

Going on to Segura de León is The Pisá de Caballo Park, ideal for lovers of nature, and the Segura Castle is nowadays a magnificent hotel-restaurant with the best gastronomy of Extremadura.

The Horn Castle, near Fuentes de León, is a place where trekking can be practiced to get there and enjoy an impressive nature and landscapes.

Some kilometers away, Frenegal de la Sierra hosts a Templar castle and an area declared Well of Cultural Interest. The rest of the castles in the route are located in Jerez de los Caballeros, which is the “Templar capital” and hosts an impressive heritage in its monuments. And those in Zahínos, Burguillos del Cerro and Valencia del Ventoso.

Nature surrounding the rural locations in the route is enjoyable, as well as the marvelous landscapes, monuments, unique traditions and the varied typical gastronomy.

Accommodations in the region

There are charming hotels and rural houses with good services at good rates, very well located in beautiful landscapes, in Tentudia and the Southwest Sierra in Badajoz. The rural house in Segura de León “La jara y el romero”,“La Fuente” or  “Hostal Extremadura” in Fuente de Cantos, or “El Aguila”  in Montemolín are ideal for couples.