The perfect travel to Bolivia in June 2015

28 May The perfect travel to Bolivia in June 2015

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioYou will find a perfect and unique travel when you decide a Bolivian destination. You can enjoy with many different leisure proposals to spend all your holidays with interesting plans.

10 things you must visit in Bolivia

1, Salar de Uyuni: maybe this is one of the most known places in Bolivia. We are talking about a salt desert with more than 10000 km2. There are many expeditions to this spot, so don’t miss the opportunity to visit it.

2, The Moon Valley: there are many moon valleys in America. This is a rock formation that will let you without words.

3, Lagoons: Some of the most popular ones are the Angostura or Cáceres ones. You must visit, at least, one of the mentioned.

4, Virgen de la Candelaria Basilica and the Sucre Metropolitan Cathedral: are two of the most beautiful religious places to visit in this country.

5, The Irruputuncu Volcano: near the border between Chile and Bolivia you will find this natural wonder. It is located very near San Pedro de Quemes, where you can find also accommodation to rest during a few days while you discover this region.

6, Natural Reserve Eduardo Aveora and Green Lagoon: the Green Lagoon shows visitors its beautiful and crystal waters. This was anciently a cult place.

7, Witches Market: located in La Paz, it is a perfect market that will make tourist fall in love because of the space and the type of shops.

8, San Pedro Prison: here you will find the black history of this country

9, Cristo de la Concordia: this statue located in Cochabamba is about 40 meters high. It will automatically remind us the Brasilian Cristo Redentor but…this Bolivian one is even higher!

10, A walk in La Paz: the Bolivian capital is a contrast city, with many interesting places to visit. The Titicaca Lake is one of the most visited ones near this metropoli.