The smallest hotel in Spain

14 Aug The smallest hotel in Spain

Hoteles Temáticos - TravelgenioThe hotel Puntagrande was the smallest hotel in Spain not long ago. This accommodation was located in the Hierro Island, in a place full of beauty. Competence is rising and the smallest hotel in Spain has changed the place and history due to the Beeafeater London District.

This space is being built on charge of the architect Teresa Sapey, with a lot of possibilities for those travelers who like originality. The German hotel Eh´haeusl. Is it the next to be substituted by Room Mate? The hotel Puntagrande in the island El Hierro (Canarias) was mentioned five years ago as the smallest hotel in the world.

It has 600 square meters, with four rooms. The fascinating island of El Hierro and this hotel have attracted the attention of travelers in the whole world. All this changed in the year 2010 when the hotel Eh´haeusl, located in the region of Baviera, has been considered as the smallest hotel in the world after showing that it has less than 60 square meters. It is hard to imagine that the rate of the rooms are around three hundred euros each night, breakfast included.

The region of Baviera is chosen by German couples as the destination for their honeymoon. There is a legend in the zone that says that those couples who enjoy their honeymoon in this hotel will not divorce. The proposal of Room Mate It was presented on the 5th of June, where the assistants could see the new smallest hotel in the world. The hotel has everything you need to become a first category hotel in just 15 square meters, where the design is served.

This accommodation has the surprising capacity to offer a room with a complete bathroom, reception, coffee shop and a gym. It has been designed by the architect Teresa Sapey and she has chosen a container as the location for the hotel.

The lovers of the environment can find their place in this hotel, because it offers renewable power for the whole hotel. Not only can we enjoy the gym, the swimming pool and the luxury room, but also a terrace where DJ music will be played. Sapey has been able to combine modernity with the environmentalism and give a touch of actuality thank to the added details proper of four-star hotels.