Tips for saving on a trip

19 Dec Tips for saving on a trip

Check-in - TravelgenioSave on a trip is essential to enjoy all worthwhile in the destination, so we are now going to give a some of tricks to save on your next trip and let you enjoy  every penny as it deserves.

Tricks for saving

One of the most basic and practical tips we can give you is the option to cancel without charge. If the period has expired to cancel your hotel reservation and you want to make this without any penalty, you can change your date reservation to the next month, having more time to cancel with time enough. If you cancel twice, be sure you make the action in other schedule in order not to talk with the same employee.

Finding a free wifi is other of the best tricks to save some coins. There are some apps in the different mobiles that will search the gadgets and the wifi accesses.

If you cannot find any, one of the options is to have a coffee in a Starbucks, where you can spend hours just with a coffee and its wifi conection.

If you have lost your phone charger, you can ask for a lend in any of the accomodations receptions.

Other trick is to check the international web of your airline as sometimes they have different rates for the same travel depending on the target they talk to. If you use the English version you will find some tickets cheaper, but you must also take into account the commissions for international payment of your credit card.

Some other basic tips are, for example, to travel from September, because prices are lower, to plan your trip with time enough or to contract some touristic packs that include almost everything, some tickets from museums, etc.

If you travel to secondary airports, you will save some money as there is where the low cost companies operate, but also get informed of the price of the transport to the city center to avoid surprises.

You can also choose to rent an apartment instead of booking in a hotel. Sometimes you will find here the best way to save an important amount.

If you combine some of these tips, we are sure you will be able to save some money to spend during your days in destination.