Tips for traveling by plane quietly

29 Aug Tips for traveling by plane quietly

Check-in - TravelgenioFor those travelers who are anxious when they have to fly by plane, we would like to recommend some practices that will make their air travel more peaceful and let them enjoy the holidays without the anxiety and without the worry of having to return in the same way.

Long distance flights could make travelers be exposed to different environmental conditions that may cause some discomfort during the trip, such as dry skin, dizziness and other serious problems. Just with some preventions for the air travel will help you prevent health problems and should make the trip a more pleasant experience to fully enjoy your vacation.

1- Rest well and eat properly

One of the main tips you can follow before getting on board to make your trip a peaceful experience and in order to avoid health problems or any other type is definitely rest well and eat some healthy foods, trying above all to sleep well and avoid eating foods high in glucose.

Eating salads, fruits and nuts will help your body feel better during the flying route.

2 – Do not drink alcohol or caffeine before flying

Drinking plenty of water is one of the best habits you can have before embarking on a trip by plane,

Also, to avoid drinks containing alcohol or caffeine will help you and let you spend the flight in a relaxed, smooth and quiet way, letting you enjoy the flight.

3 – Set with moisturizing lotion and nasal spray

During the flight there may be some body mishaps such as dehydration and dryness in the skin. The best remedy is to carry in your hand luggage a kit with moisturizing cream. In addition, the moisture in the plane cabin is usually very low, about 20%, so having also a hand moisturizer is a good idea to relieve dry skin.

We also recommend to use a nasal spray to help your mucous membranes.

4 – Bring Dramamine to relieve dizziness or nausea

Air travel can sometimes result in the traveler nausea, dizziness or vomits, so bring Dramamine and swallow immediately before the flight takes off is a good idea to relieve symptoms and prevent major discomfort during the trip.

5 – Wear compression stockings

To avoid one of  most typical symptoms, the high swelling of the legs, it is advisable to carry compression stockings, because the level of oxygen in the cabin there is less than the one of the ground and this simple remedy help you prevent these problems and make you feel better during the flight enjoying the journey.

6 – Hand Carry decongestants and gum

The rise and fall of the plane normal can cause discomfort in the ears and sinuses, so it is advisable to have on hand enough gum to relieve pain pressure changes occuring during flights . The candies are also a good choice, especially if you chew menthol to dilate your nostrils and breathe quietly.

7 – Carry antiseptic wipes and antibacterial gel

During the flights, bacteria infections can be transmitted among airline passengers. To prevent infection it is recommended to follow a simple tip: carry antiseptic hand wipes and antibacterial soap to keep your hands clean at all times.

This product can be purchased at any supermarket and it is always good for a travel.

8 – Take antihistamines to relieve motion sickness

Also known as motion sickness, a journey often triggers action in the passenger nervous to certain symptoms such as: upset stomach, nausea, common dizziness, cold sweats and vomiting.

To avoid all these symptoms that make motion sickness is important to moderate the amount of food you eat before the flight and some simple tricks like reclining the seat to settle into a more comfortable and dynamic, and to take Dramamine before the plane boarding.