Tips how to find the best offers to your travel destination

05 Feb Tips how to find the best offers to your travel destination

TravelThe world’s economy is slowly recovering, the job seems to be safe for a foreseeable time and the credit is still going to be paid off for years. The children’s apprenticeship helps reducing the available income. The holiday budget is smaller than ever and yet your body desires a holiday. Whoever has a small budget, but doesn’t want to do without relaxation, the fresh sea breeze and sand castles, should consider a few tips while planning and during the holiday. With these simple tricks you can enjoy a cheap holiday even with a small budget!

Tip 1: Flexible Planning
Arrival and Departure Travel prices are very instable. So don’t decide on a set Arrival or Departure date. 2 days of difference can make a far lower price.

Tip 2: Compare suppliers
Many travel suppliers or agencies offer the same travel on different channels to various prices. Whoever searches only one travel catalogue or one travel supplier’s website, usually pays more. So first compare the prices and then book with the cheapest supplier.

Tip 3: Low Cost and Low Budget Flights
Whoever wants to save a lot of money for their travel, often likes booking Low Cost Flights. But you should be careful. The offers aren’t always as cheap as they look. There is often additional cost for luggage, credit card payment, check-in … etc. This can get quite expensive and the so-called Low Budget flight isn’t that much lower anymore than a flight with a traditional airline to a central airport. Inform yourself before booking a flight about the additional cost and the location of the airport and calculate the cost of the travel & transport in comparison with the closer airport.

Tip 4: Price Fluctuation
Websites for booking travels and flights continuously adapt the price depending on availability and request, several times a day. Should the price of a certain hotel be too high, a later request can also bring about a cheaper price! It’s generally said that on weekdays during office times flight prices and travel prices are higher than in the evening and on the weekend.

Tip 5: School Holidays Mean High Season
Depending on where school holidays currently are you can see prices climbing up for all kinds of tourist offers. If possible you should avoid travelling during local holiday times in order to avoid spending too much money.

Tip 6: Offers of different travel portals
The German Institute For Service Quality (DISQ) has released a current study about Germany’s travel portals in May 2009. With the prices of the tested 27 online travel portals the saving potential was at up to 50%. For example: A two week holiday on Gran Canaria for a family of four in a three star hotel cost around 1800€ on the cheapest portal, while the most expensive supplier sold the same offer for 3700€.

Tip 7: On Discovery With A Rental Car
Whoever wants to really experience the country, the people and their culture, should leave the tourist centers and discover the surroundings. Many countries offer the possibility of renting a car. Book your car in advance, because booking it in your domestic country is mostly cheaper.

Tip 8: Local Gastronomy
Many countries offer cheap food in small restaurants, street shops and cook shops. In Thailand you can get a whole menu for 1€. So avoid the standard menus of the hotels and dare to explore the unknown.