Tourism in Spain: Mojacar and Cabo de Gata

27 Feb Tourism in Spain: Mojacar and Cabo de Gata

Playas y destinos - TravelgenioMojácar town in Almería offers a different concept of vacation. You can enjoy a holiday without the crowds of Benidorm or Marbella without renouncing to the marvelous sun and beaches in the south of Spain.

The province of Almería offers multiple attractions and the proximity to Granada or Murcía offers the possibility of wonderful excursions to these neighboring provinces.

What to see: Cabo de Gata and the beaches near Mojácar are the main attraction. It is possible to rent camels to go along the beach in Cabo de Gata. Dare to walk up to the viewpoints of the city and enjoy a few drinks in the commercial city park. The best beaches are the Beach of the Ventanicas, the Beach Marina de la Torre and Manacá Beach.

There are numerous restaurants with a range of tapas. The tapas in Almería have  earned their reputation and it is a tradition, as in Granada.
There are attractive hiking trails and roads, like the Path of La Mena.

Accomodations: There are many hotels in this sea holiday destination. The holiday apartments are an interesting option because of  the freedom offered. Best Indalo Apartments and Best Mojácar are located on the coast and have everything you need to get the most out of travel.

How to get there:  Mojácar is reached mainly by road. There are train connections to Almería. Once there it is advisable to find the best option for each case, either bus or renting a car.

There are flights with Air Nostrum from Madrid, Sevilla or Melilla, to Almería. Vueling offers a route from Barcelona to Almería Airport. Once there you can either rent a car or travel by bus. The combination of services allows travelers to spend no more than two hours in each mode and enjoy everything that Mojácar offers.