Travel to Vietnam: a different holiday with Travelgenio

10 Feb Travel to Vietnam: a different holiday with Travelgenio

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioIt is a destination for adventurers. But something is changing. We want to set ourselves away from the world routines in which we live every day and we think about travelling to exotic places. A trip to Vietnam is an excellent idea. It is an experience to visit its capital Hanoi.

What do I need for my trip to Vietnam?

The flight: Scales or combinations are the best for a cheap flight to Vietnam. It is not easy to find these scales; it is usually the hardest part of the search. The key is to find combinations on direct flights from Vietnam airport. Then we will look for options to some of the capitals near the city we want to visit. It is required between one and three scales to lower the price up to 40 per cent with respect to travel agencies. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to complicate and have the guarantee of not losing a scale, automatic searching is the best.

Accommodation: Vietnam is cheaper than occidental countries. An euro is nearly 30.000 Vietnam Dong, and accommodation costs about $10-$20 per night in a hotel with good conditions, a low price if we consider that it is accommodation in the center of Hanoi.

Documentation: Passport is necessary to travel to Vietnam, with a valid date of six months at least, and visa documentation to be presented at the embassy of the nearest city from your residence. The visa documentation has a cost of about 60-100 euros.

Health: Malaria vaccination is recommended, as well as Hepatitis A, Yellow Fever, and Cholera vaccinations. It is also recommended a basic kit with sanitizer and strips, aspirin, stomach medicine, etc.

Travel insurance: It is a must if you go on your own.

What to visit in Vietnam?

Ho Chi Min: You will get fond of this crazy city is full of bikers and stalls. And you can visit its most interesting things in two days, as Notre Dame Cathedral, the War Museum, the Reunification Palace and the Jade Emperor Pagoda. Apart from this, the Cu Chi tunnels are a marvelous opportunity for the lovers of military history.

Camboya: It is necessary a multi visa for this trip. Inform yourself at your embassy. Travelling to Camboya is travelling to history. So, it is an interesting journey if you are going to stay about 15 days in Vietnam. The Bus is the most common means of transport, and it costs about $25.

Hanoi: It is the capital and there are pagodas and Oriental temples. It is a city with a powerful economic center, and it has more contrasts than other Asian cities. It is advisable to hire a guide, as there are important monuments to be enjoyed with a proper narration of their history.