Unforgettable trips: Laos

04 Sep Unforgettable trips: Laos

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioLaos is one of those magic places with a mystic halo. Once you have decided this is the trip you want to make, we want to help you with some other details like which hotels you may choose, what to visit or how to get there without spending a lot of money.

What to see in Laos

Vientian, its capital, is not the only thing you can see in Laos. There are many options you may take also into account and where you will find all the services you will need. Here is our selection:

Pha Tha Luang.
Wat Si Saket.
Laos National Museum
Wat Si Muang.
Buda’s Park
Si Phan Don.
Wat Xien Thong:¡.
Vat Phou.
That Dam.
Haw Phra Kaew.
Royal Palace of Luang Prabang.
Pu Chi Fa.

We are now going to tell you what to see in Vientiane, the capital, but attending to low cost prices to help you in saving some money and making all your dreams come true.

Vientiane has many temples. The National Museum is one of those dates you must have in the city. Once in Laos, the normal trip is planned for 15 to 21 days, so you can also add some of the marvellous places that are near the city. Our recommendation is to contract a local guide.

The Kuang Falls are one of this places you must see. If we talk about temples, don’t miss Wat Si Saket, Ho Pra Keo or the Great Sacred Stupa.

How to get to Laos: the best option is to fly to the Vientiane Airport, located just a few kilometers far from the city center, and where you can arrive in public transport although we recommend you to take a taxi.

Where to sleep

It depends on the type of travel and vacations you want. It is not the same to search for a hotel if you have a low cost bugdet than if you want a luxury accomodation. The truth is that, if you arrive from an occidental country, the luxury centers are not as expensive as we are used to. You can find, for example the Monorom Boutique Hotel (3 stars), for just 30 € night.

The Vientiane Garden Hotel, with prices from 31 euros, is a luxury hotels with all type of leisure services like pools, spas. Another options are hotels like the Chandara Boutique Hotel or the AV Hotel, both of them lower than 40 € for each night.