Way of St. James: from Compostela to Muxía/Fisterra

02 Jul Way of St. James: from Compostela to Muxía/Fisterra

TravelThis is maybe one of the unknown sections of the Way of St. James. It is one of those indescribable places as it is not as overcrowded as the French one, so you will be able to enjoy all the misticism and magic by your own. If you are looking for lonelyness while walking this traditional way, this may be the best option.

The Route

The Santiago/Fisterra/Muxía route has, at least, three or four sections if we want to make it complete. Travelers must remember that during this stage you must assume it is not a straight way, as you must walk till the end and, then, walk back as the places are in different directions.

Santiago-Negreira: It is the first stage and the shortest one. With just 21 kilometers and about 10 hard ones, you can reach it in more or less 5 hours. In Negreira you have some hostels both public and private.

Negreira-Olveiroa: In this moment you will have to save about 33 kilometers with almost 12 intense ones, so we recommend you to wake up early, specially if you are in the high peak season as you may find difficult to find public hostels when you arrive to your daily destination.

Olveiroa-Muxía/Fisterra: Both if you decide to go to Muxía or Fisterra, distances are about 32-34 kilometers. You must choose between one or the other place to arrive. In Fisterra there are 18 hostels, while Muxía only owns 5. If you want to go from Olveiroa to Fisterra, for example, and then to Muxía, you can make it in a 30 kilometer stage.

Buses from Fisterra/Muxía to Santiago de Compostela

Buses between this places have different schedules. From Muxía to Santiago you can get this transport at 6,05 and 14,30 hours from Monday to Friday. If the way you may do is the opposite one it is going to be easier as you can find many combinations in Monbus.