What do travelers value most when booking a hotel?

26 Jun What do travelers value most when booking a hotel?

Hoteles low cost - TravelgenioSome people say that the value is in the destination. There are people who say that it is the category, location or extra services. There are many reasons to choose a hotel. What do travelers value most when booking their hotel? What makes the difference between a smart choice and other?

No without my WiFi: Internet is the most valued service

It is common to find online WiFi connection in hotels, and even in hostels or B&B. Statistics support this trend. According to the studies of hoteles.com, more than the 60% of travelers say that they chose their last hotel because it offered WiFi connection.
The internet service has become a priority for travelers in the last two years, as revealed by the studies.

The five most valued things by travelers at the hotel

1. Extras: Quality – Price is a binomial considered by travelers. There is an ideal “formula” to please travelers: extra services at the same rate as the simple room. In fact, we ask for little things as a good breakfast, a detail when arriving, or an excursion included in the hotel rate. That is enough for the election of one or other hotel.

2. Hotel staff: The good attention is appreciated by customers. It is also appreciated that the staff members have knowledge of elements of interest about the location of the hotel and knowledge of languages, in special English and Spanish.

3. Good location: It is appreciated that the location of the hotel is well connected to areas of interest. There are accommodations with luxury services at the same rate than a lower accommodation in the city center, and with the advantage of quick means of transport.

4. Private bathroom: A more “classical type” of travelers stands before the new trend of the guesthouses or bed&breakfast. Elements like the television in the room or the queen size bed are not as important as the private bathroom.

5. Cleaning: The hygiene is essential in every accommodation. The order is important, but one of the most common complaints among travelers is related to the cleaning of the accommodations.