Why are low cost airlines so cheap?

05 Feb Why are low cost airlines so cheap?

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Southwest airlines was born in 1971 just to offer a cheap flight service for any American that wanted to travel round the country.

It was the first low cost airline and it made the low cost abc.

Not an office

Saving the staff payment, the premises and the office supplies, companies could reduce the price of their flights

Secondary airports

This is sometimes a problem because getting to the city centre could be very expensive as they are far away. To solve it, the online travel agencies offer vehicles, taxis or buses for these low cost passengers.

No catering nor programs, music….

Those who travelled around 15 years ago may remember how, during the flight, the airlines used to offer drinks and a mouthful to passengers. The low cost companies supressed such services to be able to get cheaper flights.

Just the necessary luggage

The low cost flights are cheap if you don’t have to check luggage. If you need to check in any luggage, price will be increased.

That’s why it is recommended to carry a suitcase with discreet measures. It has an explanation: less luggage checked, more space for air cargo.

Short and direct flights

Although this is changing because of the creation of new companies, the low cost flights used to have short flight hours in order not to increase the price.

Anticipation power

Actually many companies have enough power and wealth to dispense de anticipation, but its operations are led by the tickets’ payment. They can be called prepaid companies because, if they don’t have the money, they don’t make the operations.

Many aditional charges for passengers

If you pay with card, you will be charged with a little comision. You must also have to pay the excedent luggage. If you want to have a drink or a sandwich during the flight, you must know it is very expensive. It happens the same if you want a priority boarding. Seats are assigned, so if you want to choose your seat, you will also have to pay.